CAT010: "Chamorro Spacetime 2109" Crystal Peñalosa

2109 Chamorro Spacetime is a recording from the future where Guåhan (presently referred to as Guam) is an independent, self-deterministic nation. In 2109, the Chamorros went deeper in their roots as master ocean navigators and conducted deep sea expeditions in the Mariana Trench. In this extreme environment, they made contact with organisms that take shelter in hydrothermal vents. Through this meaningful contact, the Chamorros are developing new ways to communicate not only with deep-sea organisms but also to other nations throughout time. Encoded within this recording and many other futuristic recordings is the consistent message: fight for one's independence and decolonization. 

1. Chamorro Spacetime 2109 [00:51]

2. Contact with Microbes at the Mariana Trench [05:29]

3. Wormhole portal at the Earth’s Vents [04:21]

4. Soul breathing [04:17]

5. Intergenerational Survival Instinct [05:04]

6. Skull Chant [03:19]

7. Distress Call at Yigo, the former site of Andersen Air Force Base [03:26]

8. The Taotaomona Trail [03:09]