CAT003: Slow Cemetery & Gloucester Pegasus Melody

Steve Pellegrino (Slow Cemetery) and Mark Freado Jr. (Gloucester Pegasus Melody) are MIL KDU DES. MIL KDU DES is/are a band in Brooklyn that perform film scores. They have played house band at Spectacle Theater since they began in 2012. They have performed other places as well. Their album GXH was released on Ingrown Records with another release by the label coming this year.

This split cassingle is the chocolate and peanut butter that make up the band. Two great tastes that taste great together. A textural landscape of watery depths and jagged crags.

SIDE A: Slow Cemetery "Soapy Water Votives"
Written, recorded, and mastered by Steve Pellegrino (04:52)

SIDE B: Gloucester Pegasus Melody "Careful With That Quiche, Lorraine" (04:46)
Performed and recorded by Mark Freado Jr.
Mastered by Steve Pellegrino