CAT002: "ECSTASY" Zoe Brezsny & Ben Fama

Zoe Brezsny is a poet and DJ living in Ridgewood, Queens. You can listen to archives of her radio show on She is currently working on a book called The Source Unlimited. (*Ambiance on Zoe Brezsny's side by Brogan Bentley*)

Ben Fama is the author of the collections "Deathwish" and "Fantasy." He is the founding editor of Wonder Press.

SIDE A: Zoe Brezsny "ECSTASY" (20:13)
Written, recorded, and read by Zoe Brezsny with ambience by Brogan Bentley
SIDE B: Ben Fama "ECSTASY" (14:16)
Written, recorded, and read by Ben Fama