CAT001: CS Yeh and Lina Tullgren

Our first tape comes from CS Yeh & Lina Tullgren who each recorded a cover from their respective bunkers in the summer of 2020.

C. Spencer Yeh is recognized for interdisciplinary activities as an artist, improviser, and composer, as well as for his music projects Burning Star Core, and... CS YEH. This past year Yeh has broadcasted live for The Kitchen NYC, The Renaissance Society, and Vox Effusis (organized by Lou Mallozzi) via ESS Chicago IL, Casa del Lago UNAM MX with Jacob Wick and Bonnie Jones, and an ensemble led by Luke Stewart and Leila Bordreuil for Roulette NYC. Additionally, Yeh premiered new work with ISSUE Project Room NYC, and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art Omaha NE, and exhibited with Loong Mah NYC, Carriage Trade NYC, 5th Floor/Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, and Appreciation of Music/Bánh Mì Verlag. He contributed to the recent anthology Best! Letters from Asian Americans in the arts published by Paper Monument, and also started a weekly radio program, “Living on the Air,” on KPISS.FM (NOTE: "Seven Year Ache" was wholly due to Sheri Barclay, KPISS Station Manager). In 2019, Yeh was a recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award. His first solo public performance since late 2019 is scheduled to be at Roulette NYC in the beginning of June 2021.

Lina Tullgren is a songwriter, violin player and improviser. They have released two full length records, one EP and one 7" on the Captured Tracks label, as well as a cassette on Ba Da Bing! Records. They play piano in Mayo Thompson's "Corky's Debt To His Father" band, write poems and currently live in Los Angeles. 

SIDE A: CS Yeh "Seven Year Ache" 
from CS Yeh & Lina Tullgren (CAT 001)
"Seven Year Ache" written by Roseanne Cash
Recorded by CS Yeh, Summer 2020
Mixed and mastered by Jack Callahan

SIDE B: Lina Tullgren "The Dying Californian" 
from CS Yeh & Lina Tullgren (CAT 001)
"The Dying Californian" Sacred Harp 410
Recorded by Andrea Schiavelli
Mixed by Ryan Power
Mastered by Jack Callahan