CAT007: River L. Ramirez

River L. Ramirez (they/them) is a Brooklyn-based artist, comedian, writer, visual artist, and musician. They just released a 40 minute special commissioned by Baryshnikov Art Center that can be found on the BAC website. They produced and directed the comedy special program “Pervert Everything” for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Ramirez has written for High Maintenance, The National Lampoon Radio Hour and more. Ramirez can be seen in a recurring role in the HBO comedy series Los Espookys opposite Fred Armisen and, opposite Glenn Close, in John Cameron Mitchell’s musical anthology podcast Anthem and featured as Charly in BIRDGIRL.  Named one of Comedy Central’s Up Next Comedians for 2018, Ramirez was featured in the San Francisco Cluster Fest comedy festival, and performed at the Public Theater in New York as part of the January, 2019, Under the Radar Festival.  A regular correspondent on the Viceland channel, Ramirez has performed at Caroline’s, UCB, Ars Nova, The Chris Gethard Show, and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival and many more.

Special Thanks: To my mom for supporting me even when she doesn't understand, to my brother who I love deeply, to God for allowing me to be here, to the earth, the water, and all the life that runs through us. More special thanks to the people who encourage me and my feelings; Lou Tides, Sarah Galdes, Tim Platt, Morgan Bassichis, Amy Zimmer, Ana Fabrega, and everyone I've ever loved that has loved me back thank you for recognizing love between us even if for a short period of time, thank you for opening my heart.