CAT005: "Honey From A Flowering Tree" Madison Kaylynne

"Honey From A Flowering Tree" is an auditory exploration of generational Appalachian identities. Hours of archival family footage - interviews, storytelling, home movies, laughter & song - are ingested and recontextualized by sensory memories & lived experiences, fostering the bloom of an emotional soundscape dripping in one family's moments of joy, togetherness, bittersweet resiliency, and hopes for the future.

Artist Bio: A wildflower growing through the cracks in the sidewalks – Madison Kaylynne is an Appalachian designer & creative based in New York. Her work reflects on what it means to be inherently Appalachian, there & elsewhere. A shape-shifting awareness existing in the space between mountains & tall buildings. Visual storytelling, saturated by her roots, nostalgia, and collective memories, is realized through garments, art direction & auxiliary projects – proposing an authentic narrative around Appalachian identities and their multitudes. (Coming Soon) ; @MadisonKaylynne (IG)

Special Thanks to Great Uncles Paul & Tommy, Great Aunts Sharon, Pat, & Peggy, Cousins John & Sean. In Memory of Mommy Elkins & Pawpaw Fisher. And all of my love to Mawmaw, Karen.