CAT009: "Super Monkey Mind" Die Artist

Die Artist is the duo recording/lifestyle project of Frances Chang and Andréa Schiavelli, using electronics with aggressive ambient leanings. It was born in the basement of a shared house in deep winter 2021 and brought on the road across the states later that summer.  The project works with improvisation and keeps a strict analog workflow with no computers involved, everything recorded live on 2 tracks often employing non-functioning machinery and spotlighting dueling Yamaha keyboards.

“Super Monkey Mind” hopes to radically embody big yin energy in its process, emphasizing capture over conception. It is an exploration of darkness in multiple senses, circularity within linearity, formlessness, zen magic.  Breezy vibes with a combative approach to the normative reality-sanity complex that we so desperately need in these harsh times.

Special thanks to our yang contingent (you know who you are) for inspiring our anger and music. All songs written and performed by Die Artist (Frances Chang & Andréa Schiavelli)



1. cause emotionally 03:40

2. old fountain 08:14

3. train me 03:38

4. always in my distance 03:54

5. close to you 06:25



6. mortality dance 08:24

7. first 07:37

8. keeping connected 02:07

9. die bunny 02:25

10. touch of evil 06:56