The Charles Mingus Cat-alog for Toilet Training Your Cat [2nd printing]

Charles Mingus
4.5" x 7.5" (folded) / 13.5" x 7.5" (unfolded)
pamphlet / tri-fold
0 color images / 1 b&w image
December 2021
First edition, second printing


This is the only authorized facsimile edition of a scarce pamphlet written and distributed by master jazzman Charles Mingus in 1972. The CAT-alog features Nightlife the cat and outlines Mingus's unique toilet-training program for felines.

“Mingus was as broad and inventive a thinker as he was a musical genius. Here's hoping this pamphlet leads to his timeless music as well as a cleaner, litter-free home.” —Ashley Kahn, jazz author & fan of cats

One of the most important figures in twentieth century American music, Charles Mingus was a virtuoso bass player, accomplished pianist, bandleader and composer.

For more information about Charles Mingus's legacy, visit The Jazz Workshop.

Note: The CAT-alog is a historical curiosity, not veterinary advice! Do not attempt this method without consulting a vet. 🐈︎ 



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